The Portal of Power is a pedestal used to transport the Skylanders, who are frozen as toys in our world, into the game of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, connecting to the player's console of choice and bringing the toys to life in the game


To bring the toys into the game of Skylanders, you'll need the Portal of Power. You'll simply place the toy in the centre of the Portal and instantly the character will appear in-game. This circular device glows different colors according to the elements of the characters and has the ability to recognize two characters placed on it at once to allow for multiplayer co-op or PvP battles.

The Portal of Power will be included with the game and will apparently be able to connect to each console, however the 3DS has its own unique wireless Portal of Power (but can connect to PC via USB cable).portal.jpg
In Skylands, the Portal of Power serves as a transport pedestal to take the Skylanders to other areas or distances.

Syncing your portal and beginning Skylanders:
To begin Skylanders Spyro's Adventure, the Portal of Power must first be synced up to you PS3, Wii, X Box 360, or PC. First remove the USB wireless receiver from the battery compartment and install the batteries. With the console or PC powered off, insert the USB receiver into an available port on the front of the system. Power on the system first and then power on your Portal of Power. More information on how to set up your Portal of Power can be found in your Quick Start Guide. It is through the Portal of Power that the Skylanders can enter the ancient islands that make up Skylands. Once placed on the Portal of Power, the Skylander will come to life on screen and be playable in game.

Toy placement:
You can place up to 3 toys on the Portal of Power at once, which includes 2 playable Skylanders (for 2 player more only) and 1 Magic item or 1 Location Piece (sold separately).

  • It is confirmed by Michael Graham, one of the two producers of the Legend of Spyro series, that the portals from the Classic Spyro series are referenced into a more physical sense in Skylanders in the form of the Portal of Power.
  • The symbol of the Shattering Sigil is embedded on the side of the Portal of Power.